Comprehensive and interactive 2D floor plans
Help your customers visualize spaces faster and with greater clarity


OpenHouse360 offers the ultimate companion to your 3-D Showcase and other media-rich content: interactive floorplans. These floorplans use measurements and room labeling to help homebuyers visualize the layout of each room.

Our innovative Smart Gallery feature includes a directional icon to show the perspective of each photo. Prospects can better understand the space they are exploring and make a more informed decision as to whether the property is right for them.


Multiple floorplan options for your marketing media


Split screen View

Display the floorplan and the perspective photos on the same screen.


Hot spots

Viewers can select a directional icon on each hot spot to view the corresponding image.


Accuracy within 2 cm makes the floorplan an ideal guide for redecorating or remodeling

Existing plans or new

Smart Gallery works with either your existing floorplan or one we generate for you.


We offer two different levels of detail with our floorplan product. Choose a basic black-and-white schematic or a colorized artist representation of the space that allows prospective buyers the ability to better understand the floorplan's scale.


Basic B&W with Room Measurements


Enhanced Full-Color Floorplan


We generate laser accurate 2D floorplans from the 3D scan of the property. This representation allows prospective buyers to visualize the space by including measurements and room labels for each room of the house.

To give the property floor-plan more appeal and realism, we add visual enhancements such as furniture and appliances as placeholders to showcase the property's features. .

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