See your new home without leaving your old one!

You get the best tools for an efficient & enjoyable search.

We eliminate frustration of missing info & wasted travel time.

See homes that matter; with your agent, not those that don't.

The open-house experience anytime, anywhere

Science fiction? Not anymore!

Virtual "REALTY" is not a far flung prediction - it is "REALITY." Homes are being bought and sold every day using 3D, VR, and augmented reality as a key catalyst.


With our new beta program, we can convert your 3D Showcases into immersive VR environments that can be explored from anywhere in the world.

Real estate technologies touting disruptive change are as credible as the empty promises behind them. However, VR is poised to change everything.

Imagine being able to view 10 properties in 10 minutes! Or imagine having enough information to beat the competition to the punch by making an offer without physically stepping foot into the property!

Virtual Reality:
The next big thing in real estate

Home searches with any device, from any location, on any terms

Houses come in as many shapes and sizes as the devices you view them on. We've got you covered! OpenHouse360's responsive landing pages and media rich 3D tours and videos are at your fingertips - wherever or whenever. The days of clicking through countless pictures on home-search sites are over. Now you can interact with properties as if you were physically there.


VR Models Made Easy




We capture the property using a Matterport 3D scanner as we normally would for a typical 3D showcase.

The 3D scan is processed in the cloud and queued for 3D VR  conversion.

The VR model is compiled and ready for viewing using the Samsung Gear VR goggles using an ordinary Samsung Gear compatible phone.

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